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Timber has always been an important asset to South Carolina’s economy. Today, there are 13.1 million acres of forest land in South Carolina and the total economic impact of forestry on the state’s economy cannot be overstated. Forestry management and the continued upkeep of the health of South Carolina’s forested land is vital. The importance of forests is measured not just by the lumber produced but by the variety of other products that directly result from harvesting trees, including paper and pulp, furniture, cabinets and case goods, paneling and millwork, and even chopsticks and toothpicks. Trees clean the air and the water, prevent soil erosion, provide habitat for wildlife, are sought-after recreation areas, and add to the natural beauty of the state.

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I've worked with Henderson & Associates over the past 5 years and they've done everything from thinning the land and cutting tracts for me. I am pleased with their work....

–Jason D.