Real Estate Services

Our team of real estate professionals at Henderson & Associates, Inc. are motivated to work closely with you to find that special property you wish to acquire, whether it be for recreation or timberland investment. Let our dedicated group of land specialists help you turn your dream of land ownership into a reality. We can assist you with financing options, land and timber valuation, and coordination of surveying services and closing activities.

In the event you wish to sell your property, our experienced team of professional foresters and real estate professionals can assist you in the accurate valuation of both the land and timber comprising your ownership. Knowing the value of your property prior to exposing it to potential buyers greatly enhances the prospect of a successful sale at a competitive price. Marketing a property at a price significantly higher than fair market value discourages qualified buyers from seriously considering its purchase. On the other extreme, pricing a property for less than its market value may result in a quick sale but does not generate a fair market price for the seller. Our primary objective in selling property for our clients is to ensure they receive the highest price that the market will bear given extensive exposure in the market place.

Once a qualified buyer is identified, Henderson & Associates, Inc. shall coordinate with the seller and the buyer in preparing a purchase agreement incorporating all of the terms and condition of the real estate transaction. This effort generally involves the buyer’s and seller’s attorneys. Upon execution of the purchase agreement our firm works closely with the seller, the buyer, surveyors, and attorneys in bringing the transaction to the closing table. Although the closing attorney prepares the real estate closing documents and disburses proceeds from the sale, Henderson & Associates, Inc. ensures the interests of our clients are properly represented at all times.