Timberland Acquisition

Understanding the timberland investment is paramount to successfully acquiring an attractive property having the desired characteristics of its future owner. Unlike many traditional investments such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, timberland is composed of two primary assets, timber and land. Improvements to a timberland property such as a pond, a house or a cabin, can be a third factor contributing to a property’s value. Knowing the value of the land and timber on a property and the potential for land to appreciate in value over time increases a buyer’s chance of purchasing a desirable tract for a reasonable price.

Henderson & Associates offers a myriad of timberland properties in South Carolina. Advantages of such an investment include being able to enjoy untouched nature, having a place for you and your family to hunt and fish, and being able to pass your investment on to the next generation.

Henderson & Associates, Inc. can provide potential buyers with the expertise and professional guidance required to make an informed decision to purchase timberland.