Timber Sales

The timber market is multifaceted and sometimes challenging to deal with, particularly for those landowners who do not understand the various factors that affect wood products and their associated stumpage values. In fact, landowners who received professional forestry assistance before harvesting timber averaged 23 percent more income per acre than those owners who sold their own timber (“A Consumer’s Guide to Consulting Foresters”).

Our firm possesses the specialized knowledge and expertise required to maximize the timber sale values based on the species and volume of timber to be sold, and also comprehends tax implications associated with timber sales.

Timber Selling Process

If you are interested in selling timber or other forest products, the professionals at Henderson & Associates will create a comprehensive strategy to ensure the highest possible return on your investment. We shall begin by identifying species distribution, tree quality and size, product types, timber volumes, acreage, location, and site conditions within the sale area. After a thorough analysis and inventory of the timber sale area, we shall discuss issues with you as follows:

  • Timber products and estimated volumes
  • Growth rates for the various wood products
  • Financial maturity of timber to be sold
  • Estimated market value of your timber

Next we shall create a timber sales strategy which coincides with your sales goals and objectives. A comprehensive timber sale plan will include recommending appropriate harvest methods, marketing the timber to potential buyers, negotiating and preparing contracts of sale, and mitigating unnecessary tax liability. During this part of the process, we shall cover the following questions and others that you may have:

  • Who and where are the appropriate timber buyers?
  • What sale method should I use?
  • What trees should I sell, and why?
  • How soon must I market them?
  • How will the income be taxed?
  • How should I reforest harvested areas?
  • What are the projected reforestation expenses?

Timber sale options are conducted in a variety of methods like negotiation and sealed bid methods. Timber proceeds can be made per unit using pay-as-cut agreements or in a lump sum using a timber deed. We shall create and distribute a bid invitation to qualified buyers, analyze the bids received, and coordinate preparation and enforcement of a timber sale contract. We shall also outline a detailed action plan for long-term sustainability, harvest scheduling and reforestation. Types of cuts may include thinning, shelterwood cut, seed tree cut, real estate cut, clear cut, etc.

Our timber sales plans are always created with both the client’s goals and the integrity and sensitivity of the property in mind. Henderson & Associates’ primary concern is to ensure our clients’ interests are protected during timber sales, and that the sales meet their stated objectives. If you’re ready to create a timber sales strategy, contact the experts at Henderson & Associates today to get started.