Forestry Services

Forestry and timberland ownership can be a challenging endeavor for individuals faced with the responsibility of managing and maintaining their properties to achieve specific objectives. Proper land management is a critical component for achieving desired outcomes, and promoting the long-term health and prosperity of the land. Maintaining skills to adequately maximize the benefits derived from a well-managed property requires extensive knowledge and years of practical experience. The professionals of Henderson & Associates, Inc. possess the education, background, and expertise to assist landowners in planning and meeting their ownership objectives.

How Henderson Can Help

At Henderson & Associates, we understand that each landowner is as unique as their property. Whether for investment purposes, aesthetics, or recreational enjoyment, the experts at Henderson & Associates will help you maximize the benefits and financial return from your timberland via the development of a land management plan tailored to fit your individual needs.

To help meet your goals, Henderson & Associates is equipped to offer a wide variety of forestry services, including:

Timber Management

A comprehensive timber management strategy can help you maximize the potential return on your investment, positively impacting both short and long-term goals. The Henderson & Associates team of land management experts can be an invaluable asset in identifying and achieving your individual goals, and maximizing your ROI from the sale of timber, pine straw, and other forest products. We can also assist you in defining profitable options for your property and implementing the appropriate management practices.

Timber Sales

The timber market is extremely complex and can often be difficult for land owners to comprehend. Henderson & Associates can ensure you improve the yield from the sale of your timber using our knowledge of local timber markets, effective timber marketing techniques, and accurate estimates of timber volumes to be sold. Our team of competent foresters possesses current timber pricing data and the experience to develop a timber sale strategy which will maximize the net return from your timber sale.

Timber Inventory

Having an accurate timber inventory is an important component in the development of a comprehensive land management strategy. A detailed inventory of timber assets on your tract provides critical information regarding forest stand age classes, stocking levels, productivity, and health.


Regardless of your individual priorities, reforestation after harvesting timber is often a necessary planning component to ensure the long-term sustainability of your timberland. As part of an overall forest management strategy to regulate forest stand age classes, Henderson & Associates will create reforestation recommendations that are directly correlated with your harvesting schedule. The type of reforestation, natural or artificial, will be dictated by your management objectives, stand types, site conditions, and other factors.

Hunting Leases

Hunting leases can generate additional income from timberland for those landowners who do not hunt. Henderson & Associates can negotiate a profitable hunting lease for your property without interfering with other land management objectives. After inspecting the land for hunting opportunities and identifying the local market and demand for hunt-lease privileges, our team will help you develop a comprehensive hunting lease to limit your liability, market your lease, negotiate with reputable hunt clubs, collect lease payments, and obtain hunter liability insurance. Hunting leases can offer many benefits, including additional revenue streams, increasing the return on your investment, wildlife population management, and trespass control.

GIS Mapping Services

Geographic Information System (GIS) is a computer software mapping utility that employs the most advanced and current technology available to provide a detailed and accurate assessment of your property. GIS mapping helps the professionals at Henderson & Associates obtain a better perspective of the features and topography of your property. This enables us to more effectively create productive forest management strategies. Creating a GIS map of a property is a solid foundation for making and implementing well-informed land management strategies and providing sound advice to our clients.

To take advantage of our forestry and land management service options, contact Henderson & Associates today.